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PART 1. 2022 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS - Ideas to get you started.

Each New Year brings with it new Decor Ideas. Decorators and interior designers look at emerging trends.

2022 has brought, gorgeous classics, interesting new styles, all to help you create your new normal after a few years of uncertainty.

For many of us the new normal is, for the bulk of the working day, a home office.

Colour - We expect to see a lot of bold colour and pattern reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s Warm Whites, Terracotta, Sage and Mustard.

Green in all shades as we continue to bring the outdoors in.

Muted Greens will replace the previous Grey trend which was especially a favourite with the furniture restoration and re-purposing industry.

Green represents nature. Faux plants and similar items can elevate interior design by connecting your space to lively, Eco-friendly greens.

Even an Eco-friendly photograph on the wall can do the trick.

Take a look at our fabulous On-Trend Colours for 2022 from Vintage with Grace

The perfect choice in Furniture Paint for seasoned artists and those just starting out

Need advice ?

Pop over to my Expert Help section

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