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How To Guide

 APS Metallic Foils come in a wide variety of designs and colours, to be used on wood, furniture paint, walls and crafts.

Perfect for all furniture upcycling projects


Foil adhesive Instructions


ArtsSyVille Embellishments Foil Adhesive is a water based medium with a long open time to be used with foil and leafing projects. The foil adhesive is a permanent transfer adhesive that works on just about any surface except fabric. It can be used on wood, paint, furniture, walls etc

If you surface is porous - please seal and wait 24 hours before applying the adhesive 


Application - always pre-test for best results


Step 1- You can apply a base coat of paint to your project that is complementary to the foil colour you are using before you apply the foil


Step 2 - Apply one coat of the foil adhesive to your surface by brush or roller. 

The product does not self level, so apply in one direction, trying to smooth out the brush strokes. Allow the adhesive to dry - between 15 to 60 minutes (depending on humidity) to achieve a firm tack. If you are getting prominent brush strokes you can dilute the adhesive with a small amount of water. Brush marks will show through the foil.

Step 3 - Transfer your foil (colour side up) or leafing to the firm tack surface. Rub the foil with a soft rag. Slowly peel back the foil sheet to see if you have enough transfer, if not place foil back down and scrub some more.


Step 4. The Foil needs to be protected, make sure to apply at least one layer of top coat. 


Clean up

Clean tools, brushes and equipment with warm soapy water immediately Wipe up spills and splatters with a damp cloth.


Handling & Storage

When not in use, close the container and store at room temperature.

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