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Welcome to Vintage with Grace Mineral Furniture Paint.

My Number One Recommendation for Furniture Paint in the UK

The perfect option for both experienced furniture artists and beginners.

Re-love and transform your furniture with our self sealing, self levelling , self priming mineral paint.

We have teamed up with Polyvine UK and added a small percentage of wax sealant to each pot, which enables you to achieve a silky luxurious finish with the durability of a varnish.

  • Stir or shake thoroughly before use, apply using a brush or roller.

  • It is important to clean your piece of any dirt, dust or flaking paint. A light sand is also advisable to ensure a good adhesion. 

  • Apply 2 to 3 coats dependent on the colour of the original piece you are painting. A light spray of water on the brush will keep ensure a flawless application during hotter weather

  • Wait 48 hours for drying is you wish to then add decals or transfers.

  • After the 48 hours the finish will be dry to the touch - however curing time for mineral paint (completely dry) will be 30 days.

Visit my Blog to see why I love this best ever Furniture Paint 

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