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How To Guide & Application
  • This product will not bend & will be brittle when cold 

  • Warm up the decor trim before applying the glue. 

  • Keep the trim warm by adding more heat with the hairdryer as you work through your project

  • Deco-Curve DIY can be cut with a craft knife


      What You Need

  • Wood glue

  • Hair dryer, Microwave, Heat gun 

  • Your Deco-Curve moulding

  • Kitchen Roll / wet cloth (in case things get messy)


  • Clean Your Surface – make sure your surface is free from flaking paint or dirt.


  • Heat your DecoCurve – depending on the size and thickness of your mould this could take a few seconds to nearly a minute.  Heat with a microwave, hairdryer, heat gun.


  • TIP: - If using a Microwave start with 08 -10 seconds, this should be sufficient, add 5 seconds at a time if further heating is needed.  Do not overheat.


  • Apply The Glue – apply a strong wood glue, an average amount is fine, not too much to create over spill once stuck down. 

  • Press the Moulding against the area that you want to apply it to.  


  • Apply more heat if the moulding has cooled down too much.  Hold in place for a couple of minutes or apply a low tack tape to hope in place. Adding heat will ensure a good adhesion 


  • TIP: wipe away any excess glue that has spilled out.  It is easily wiped away using a baby wipe, damp cloth, kitchen roll, cotton buds or even your fingers. 

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