How To Guide & Application

DecoCurve is a brand new heat bendable wood decor trim. I am very excited to introduce it to the UK crafting, DIY and Furniture Restoration market.

DecoCurve has all the properties of wood and once heated up can bend and shape to any contour. They can be drilled, sanded, glued, painted, stained, varnished or distressed.  And will adhere to most surfaces, contoured or flat.

DecoCurve can be cut with a craft knife

  • Make sure the surface you are applying to is free from flaking paint or dirt.                      Warm up the decor trim before applying the glue. 

  • Ease and bend trim into place - add more heat if the DecoCurve cools down and loses its bendy ability.

Instructions - Heat source can be:

  • A Microwave - Start with 15 seconds. This should be sufficient to ensure the DecoCurve is pliable - especially the coiled trims. 

Do not force the piece if it has not been fully heated - you will be able to uncoil the trims and coil them up again without any force after 15 seconds - add an extra 5 seconds if need be

  • A hairdryer - Perfect for adding extra heat whilst positioning DecoCurve into place

  • A Heat Gun - For those who have one and are familiar and careful with the heat capability of a heat gun

Heat can be applied multiple times.

  • Apply a good quality wood glue to the underneath of the trim and push into place.

  • Hold in place for for a couple of minutes, use heat again if needed - this will also help with the bonding process

  • Wipe off excess glue with a damp cloth.

And now you are ready to Paint !