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Hokus Pokus Decor Transfers are highly detailed and can be applied to any smooth surface. wood, painted furniture, glass, and mirrors.

Our transfers can be used in 1 solid sheet or cut into smaller elements for multiple furniture use.

Please follow the guidelines from your paint manufacturer to ensure your piece has received the correct preparation before the paint application. 

After your final coat of paint, apply a coat of water-based sealer. There is usually a complimentary sealer available to match your paint of choice.

Alternatively, I recommend Polyvine Decorators Varnish, available on this site.

There are many good paint brands which have a sealer already added.

Please do not use WAX as a finish to your painted piece

Traditional chalk paint MUST be sealed with a WATER BASED sealer, the transfer will not adhere to the chalky surface.

Our advice to add the extra sealer is to both protect your beautifully painted piece and to ensure a supper easy transfer application.

Please wait 24 to 48 hours after painting and sealing before applying the transfer.

The transfer is packaged in a tube with a loose wax backing paper which does not stick to or damage the image.

Our transfers are not super sticky so there is an amount of freedom and adjustment when placing the image on your surface.

Do not press down until you are satisfied with the placement. Painter's tape can be used to hold the sheet in place while applying.

First, smooth the transfer with your hands - this is the first step in the adhesion process.

Then working with the bamboo burnishing stick start in a corner and start rubbing. When the section you are burnishing starts to turn opaque that means the transfer releasing.


Rub with the stick in your right hand and gently lift the corner with your left, this will let you rub and check the image in one go.

Once the transfer has released then a final rub with the cotton glove will ensure a complete adhesion.
Seal again on top with a water-based sealer.

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