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Re-Loved Magazine Called this “The UK’s best kept secret in Furniture Paint”

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Vintage with Grace Mineral Paint is absolutely one of the best products available in the UK. If you are a seasoned furniture artist, or new to this craft and would like to re love your own furniture and don't know where to start.

This is the paint for you - Created for you by Rachael Anne Reardon

So what is this gorgeous mineral paint ? It is a water based acrylic paint with added natural minerals. UV Stable and ECO Friendly.

Water based - means no messy cleaning with thinners or chemicals. Hands, clothes and brushes. Warm water and soap for brush cleaning.

All in one - means self priming, self levelling and self sealing.

Waterproof when dry.

Prep- Little prep required, a good clean to remove furniture polish is always advisable. What we want to achieve is a base for the paint to stick/fuse to the wood. If your piece has a heavy gloss varnish, then sanding will be the way to go. It’s a bit more work but well worth the effort. Sanding scratches the surface and causes a “key” for the new paint to attach.

Prep is especially important if you are wanting to achieve a flawless smooth finish as opposed to the Shabby Chic look. This paint will let you achieve both.

No top coat required - Vintage with Grace has teamed up with Polyvine, the leading brand of sealants and wood finishes. In each pot of Mineral paint there is a small amount of wax sealant added this not only gives you a built in top coat but added toughness and durability. Great for those high traffic areas.

In addition - Each pot of paint purchased comes with a small top up pot of Polyvine. Your option then is to assess your finished piece and decide if the Matt look you have achieved fits in with your style OR pour the extra pot into the final coat or seal on top of the final coat of paint.

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