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ClingOn! Is the best selling, award winning brush, used by furniture painters and artists worldwide. Superb application, no bristle shedding and a perfectly smooth finish. These brushes are handmade in Holland and are designed for all waterborne paint and sealants.



How to care for your Cling On! Brushes

Before use, wet the brush, shake of excess water or dab on paper towel.-Do not remove the attached strings on the round and oval styles. They help with retaining the shape. 

Store your brush in water when not in use.

These brushed are design to be used wet and stored wet. Pop the brush in a jar and the paint will slide off. 

If you paint has dried, soap and warm water can be used to clean off the dried paint. 

OVAL Brushes - Cling ON! O40

SKU: O40
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