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Our unique formula has been hand crafted using the very best ingredients. Our design approach lead us to develop a mineral paint that can be used by both novice and professional to achieve a flawless matt finish every time. Self priming, self levelling and self sealing means our paint can be used on any surface without the need to prime first and offers outstanding adhesion. We have incorporated the latest paint technologies so our paint self levels to form a stunning spray like finish.

Our unique formula has been designed to include a built in tough topcoat. Once cured it becomes scuff resistant, waterproof and offers UV protection so it can be used externally as well as internally and our colours will never fade.

We all want and should do our best for the environment and here at Annabell Duke we are no different, this is why we have designed our paints to be as environmentally friendly as we could without compromising on quality, performance and durability. We endeavor to make the right decisions and the right choices, from selecting our raw ingredients, to using re-cyclable containers as well as hand filling our products, every decision matters. We support our local economy and have a passion for U.K products, the achievement we are most proud of is that all of our products are made right here in the U.K in collaboration with independent businesses, we are passionate about supporting local business, we make some of the finest products in the world right here and we all should take advantage of the expertise and innovation the U.K has to offer.


Upcycling is not only an art but it is an ethos and one we are all passionate about, part of that ethos is to help environmental impact wherever we can, cutting down on pollution should be at the forefront of all our environmental decisions and is probably the biggest impact most of us can have and the simplest one we can help to reduce, key to this is the reduction of our carbon footprint, by purchasing U.K. and locally made products you will be helping solve this biggest of issues. Why have products shipped halfway around the world when you can shop local and buy the best products right here and be proud you are doing your part.

A real game changer and the first mineral paint produced in the U.K.
A truly unique formula that allows our paint to be used on more substrates then any other paint. Including wood, metal, plastics, concrete, plaster and much much more. Our unique formula and self levelling properties help to remove unsightly brush strokes and will help turn even the most novice of painters into professionals.

• No added VOC’s  • Waterborne paint  • Sustainable ingredients  • Natural earth pigments  • Non-toxic & non-irritable  • Vegan friendly  • Cruelty free  • Environmentally friendly   • Re-cyclable packaging